Monday, December 6, 2010

Study Update

Continuing with OG Quant practice:

1 session- Problem Solving - 30 Questions- Completed in time. Was stuck in 4 questions.

Yet to do 2nd session :

DS: 30 Questions : 60 Minutes --- Hope to keep the mistakes under 5 questions & complete well within time.

Still havent decided on a GMAT Date.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Practicing quant from OG 12. Have done it earlier though.... doing again to analyze my weak areas. Conclusions till now:

* SET theory - Concepts need to be revised... always getting stuck.

SET theory in manhattan guides is not very detailed & does not contain the variety of questions we might see on gmat. This is what i feel...... may be i have to refer to sum of the CAT material.

Looking for a date - THE GMAT DATE

Its more than a month since i have started to prepare for GMAT . Thought will take a date soon.....but all in vain. Its scary###........

Still thinking should i take the date or should i take it when i feel confident about it.

It might help to take a date as it will put an added pressure to study actively & not be very lethargic.