Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling Low

After 1.5 months of studying finally found the courage to give a manhattan GMAT test . But i was probably mistaken.

By the time i reached the 18th Question in Quant section i was already feeling low as if all my energy has drained trying to solve those quant questions. I thought i did well on some questions but was really irritated when I couldn't solve questions which i thought are my biggest strengths.

Finally gave up & exited the test. Thought i need some preparation on Word Problems in Quant.

Takeaways from yesterday failure:

1) Dont give up. Complete the test in order to see where u stand in terms of score.

2) Need to brush up & go through Manhattan number properties book & several other concepts in quant. Also need some more practice - to arrive at the answers faster.Started practicing on BTG quant forum with the timer on.

3) Feeling gud about the verbal section . So have to convert that into a good score.

Will give it another try today or tomorrow evening. Really want to beat the gmat. Its not a test any more. Its a way to show to the world & myself, Yes i can do it!

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