Friday, February 11, 2011

So here i go starting to write my blog Again.

Updates: Haven't taken GMAT till now. Procrastination prevails.

Anyways Updates on the Study part:

1) Completed CR Bible ( Powerscore) ---- Amazing book. Worked specifically on Assumption defender Questions (Learning how to logically Negate answer choices), Understanding the structure (premise, conclusion Indicators) , Variance tests ( Evaluate the argument Questions),
Parallel Reasoning, Boldface etc. etc. Feel more confident on CR part now.

2) Revised Manhattan SC again. Cleared some concepts on the use of be, been ,being.

Still confused on the Plural /singular recognition of verbs & nouns.Did 15 questions on SC from OG 2nd edition verbal review.

3) Did all the PS & DS question from OG 12th Edition for the third time. Analyzed each & every question in depth & now feel comfortable with the GMAT question Pattern.

Practiced nothing on RC as such. May be will refer to RC 99. or may be not.

So after finishing all this i think i am in a good shape too start my practice tests which will consist of total 8 tests ( 6 Manhattan & 2 GMAT prep.)

Expecting to score somewhere around 650 initially.

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